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12th December 2016


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Five Elements

Russia, Toliatty, Communisticheskaya 38


The founder has had a successful career at industrial companies but in his heart he’s always been a gamer—one with more than 25 years of experience behind him. He has played everything that beeps and flashes—even a scientific calculator. Now, destiny has called; the time has come for him to convert all his earned XP into beautiful and unique games. At New Star Games, we strongly believe in three things: 1) There is nothing more exciting in life than creating games. 2) Game play is everything. 3) The market is swamped with clones, sequels, and prequels. Making a clone may be a good business strategy, but we dare to create something really new.


The idea for the game Five Elements came from an interest in spiritual development. Did you know that Taoism is a belief system with a lot in common with information technology? Consider how yin and yang are like 1 and 0. The Taoist text, I Ching or Book of Changes, contains 64 trigrams that describe all the stages of every process or event in life, from birth to death. Furthermore, Taoists believe that everything consists of energy (chi) and information (spirit). If you gather energy at special energy centers (dantians), clear it, move it through channels in what they call the “subtle” body, and meditate, sooner or later, you’ll gain absolute control over yourself. Legends say that some master Taoists were immortal, able to turn their physical bodies into pure energy and easily travel between endless worlds. We stir these concepts into our first game, Five Elements. Besides Five Elements, we have another, very ambitious title, Rise of Singleton, in development. It’s a grand outer-space-based 4X strategy game about a universe where humans became extinct many centuries ago. Robots are its only inhabitants, living in a state of constantly raging war. A small and helpless ‘bot, left on the remains of a battleship drifting in space, decides to take the destiny of his kind into his own mechanical hands. Starting from low-level routine activities like rebuilding the ship plate by plate, machine after machine, he progresses through mining resources, researching technologies, building new robots and ships, founding new colonies, and assembling fleets. He ends up managing a galactic federation of free robots, and he even considers the rebirth of his kind’s creators, humanity. The key feature of the game is that the player will be able to research various commands, and also program ‘bots, machines, ships, and fleets to do almost everything. At the beginning, the player must perform routine tasks by hand. Later, he or she can automate almost everything and enjoy watching his or her subordinates work. Expect a deep crafting and research system, complex production chains, atomic ship building, fleet battles, trade, and politics. Don't miss out on it in 2018!



Five Elements Trailer YouTube

Five Elements 2017 YouTube

Five Elements 2017 YouTube

Five Elements 2017 YouTube

Five Elements 2017 YouTube

Five Elements 2017 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Game design, C# coder, business development
    Ivan Pestrikov (founder)

    C# coder
    Vyacheslav Chernov

    2D and concept artist
    Ekaterina Chernikova

    3D artist
    Michail Ivanov

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